Bell curve ~ perspective on the current times

A certain percentage of people (usually about 20%, according to statistical normal distribution) STRONGLY BELIEVE in myths, religions, conspiracies and other thought-invented stories “to save the world”. The same 20% percentage, on the other end of the curve, are the science&technology people who STRONGLY BELIEVE in the thought-invented power of science and technology “to save the world”.

The majority of 60% of people are living the middle way, staying in the natural state of being. They might casually lend an ear to stories from one side or the other without ever believing any of it.

These are the people who realized the proper place thought has in real living which is preparing the necessary activity of actual immediate living on a moment-specific basis.

As always, by natural law, the two extremes defined solely by thought, will eventually cancel each other out, sliding back to equilibrium.

Therefore, the only sane thing “to do” is “fish out” your deep-seated beliefs as they appear to the surface of the conscious mind in various forms of negative predispositions such as fear, anger, guilt, blame, complaints, bragging. Each negative emotion will help you zero in on a certain thought you accepted as true (turned into a belief).  … providing we work up the courage to face it. It’s ok. Everyone else has it and does it too. What we see in another, is in us too. 

Once faced, it dissolves in the light of seeing as all dreams dissolve in the morning light. 

This “to do” thing should take no more than a split second. 

Return to the natural state of being, asleep to the world, completely awake to what is not-of-the-world now.

A. Garden, April 2021

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

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