Real people bless with few words ~ science, spirit and the people

The 60% of “common” real people (as the bell curve shows, read more here) is the mass that supports the two opposite teams of explorers, spiritual seekers and science seekers. The 60% supports the two in their explorations for the sole purpose of bringing back down USEFUL heartwarming, empowering, spirit-uplifting stories/myths and USEFUL discoveries and technology to make living on earth more enjoyable.

From the point of view of the explorers, usefulness is a fuzzy idea. Explorers have answered the call for exploring and left their homes where real living is. Explorers have forgotten how real living unfolds. That’s why they don’t know if what they have found will be useful or not. They might get excited in their endeavors, bewitched by some ideas, strongly believing in them, wasting energy received from the people and getting lost.

The true judges for usefulness are the 60% of “common” real people who live in the real world.

But the real people have also the extraordinary ability to take any thing explorers find, clean it, repair it, and make it useful. Explorers must trust and let go of their findings.

Let the people decide.

Don’t try to interfere. It’s unethical, unattractive and utterly stupid. If anything, merely delaying their decision.

The common people bless with few words.

“I trust you because I am you

And because I know who I am.

Like a pearl, I am the precious jewel of the universe,

Its sole treasure.

You are my reflection.

That’s why only “I love you” are logical words to say to you.

My freedom is my knowing. Free to say “I love you”.

Why would anything in the entire universe intend to hurt me?

How could anything in the entire universe hurt me in any way?

All and everything in the entire universe is created for the purpose of me becoming its precious treasure, in whom the universe rejoices.

Sometimes the nutrients are sweet. 

Other times, they are bitter. 

Nevertheless, they must be ingested. 

No, they won’t kill me. I know, they taste like they would.

But they too have a function in my becoming. 

And I know sweetness always follows, to chase down the bitterness.”

A. Garden, April 2021

Photo by Lucio Patone on Unsplash