Closest thing to heaven ~ excerpt from work in progress “Theo and Mira part 2”

They say the woman is the closest thing to heaven in this world. And yet I don’t seem to be able to stop projecting all my darkest thoughts onto her. Although she has been flawless all these years, I am hoping … eventually she’ll break and prove all my prejudices about her. What kind of sick set up have I done? This mental setup makes me blind and deaf to what is really alive. How do I get rid of it? Could it be … love? Will I ever let myself … fall? Am I attached so powerfully to the world I made that even the idea of another way of existing being possible … My brain says it is this world that I cherish and desire, all my ideas, my dreams, my ambitions fulfilled. But my heart knows it isn’t so. Only one of them speaks the truth.

excerpt from work in progress “Theo and Mira part 2”