you, in the wide white field of innocent mind

At the core of the mind, there is a wide white field of innocence. 

You are there too. Happy and well, free and lightweight, we play, chase each other and make each other laugh, we sing silly songs with no regard for words or musical notes, never bored, we watch the colors of the worlds passing, leaving no mark on our white innocence. We are as we are as we are as we are as we are … No time, no space, no gap.

The sparkling sea of life envelopes us, offering infinite joy wherever our eyesight rests. 

Your blue eyes invite flight. Or diving. Your voice sings cheerfully “life is life/ na na na-na-na” just before you, with a silly grin and a funny stunt, take a plunge into the neighborhood’s summer pool, emerging a few meters away. You call me “come on, jump into the puddle”. That’s all I needed, all I’ve been waiting for to follow your lead into this crystal cool innocent blueness. You encourage me to keep my head up and thread the water. I try to advance towards you, to close the two meters gap between us but my small child body quickly runs out of energy. But I feel your strong arms lifting me up just before my nose dips, saluting my re-emergence with a reassuring laughter and big clown eyes.

Tired from all the swimming attempts, I travel home on your shoulders, my sleepy arms resting on your head. On the way home you hum “sha-ba-da-ba-da / sha-ba-da-ba-da … “ Your carefree attitude makes me feel happy and safe. 

In the summer evening, your friends are coming over, gathering in our front-yard, making jokes, laughing, feeling alive. I play with my sister under your kind loving blue gaze. Your friends pretend they want to join in our game, always making us laugh with their silliness. Mother brings out home-baked treats for us and for all of you, theatrically welcomed with loud cheering and applause. She smiles and joins the party after changing the cassette tape. “Life is life / na na na-na-na”

Good times every day in your heart place, our home. An infinite blue above, an infinite blue below. 

Love, forever

©️A. Garden, June 7th 2021

Photo by Margot Pandone on Unsplash