This thought this morning …

… right in my face, says

“Disappear!” “Stop existing!”

“Get lost!” “You disgust me!”

“Your existence costs me too much!”

“My life would be so wonderful without you!”

Who are you, thought?

What are you?

Who created you?

What is the source of your existence?

What gives you living juice?

What is the reason for your existence?

Where are you going?

I see you!

You are blind and stupid. You don’t know what you are, where you came from and where you are disappearing into.

You are nothing but a thought.

You’ll soon disappear just as you appeared.

I am eternal. I am that which has no name, no beginning and no end. I am more than abundant, I am that which gives birth to all thoughts that come together, gather momentum and make things.

All that happens takes place in that which I am. All are my glorious creation thoughts.

So, here you are, thought, saying that you want me disappear. That is ridiculous. I am your source. In me you appeared, in me you disappear.

I am here for my own joy of contemplating the infinity that I am from a little seat, a little me, a little point of view called human.

I like it here. I am never leaving.

Now, reach out and up,

touch infinity.

A. Garden, July 2021

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