Split-second choosing ~ remembering to discern the real from the rest

Ego uses the body to increase pain of guilt and fear.

Life uses the body to increase joy of being and doing.

Now, and in every moment, you choose who reigns your moment. One is delusional, the other is real.

This is discernment.

Life happens here, in this timeless instant. It takes a split of a second to make your choice for this instant. Share Life’s joy of being or follow ego’s delusional plans and stories.

Ego says “you are better” or “you are no good”; “you deserve more” or “you don’t deserve love”; “it’s the other people’s fault” or “it’s all my fault”; “you can do anything you want” or “you can’t do anything right”; “you must acquire more” or “you can’t have anything”; “must find security for this body-person” or “this body-person is worthless” and so on.

Life says “come, let’s play”; “it’s fun being here”; “we love what we do and do what we love doing”; “what is wonderful about being here?” “who else loves being here?”;

“what A words for wonderful feelings come to mind?”; “I wonder how dew drops form, what makes molecules of moisture coalesce and form a drop?”; “let’s feel and think like the deer, … or like the eagle”; “let’s be silent and listen to the sounds of nature”; “the Sea of Life is our infinite home” and so much more …

Choose Life.

This is love and happiness.

Life says “I am here now. It’s good to be here now.” See the Sea of infinite clarity sparkling of fresh innocence in front of your eyes. Now, you know.

A. Garden, August 2021

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash