A single childhood trauma that needs correction

The one childhood trauma all humans share: being coerced to pretend we see objects as separate entities, in other words to stop our innate way of observing objects as sharing a common underlying field from which they appear under observer’s eye action of observing.

This is the moment when suffering begins. The human condition. But it is an artificially induced condition. It is a (indeed strong) PRETEND, a make-believe of adulthood.

Let’s let go of this pretending. Let’s return to innocence, which means being real. There is really nothing to lose other than the pretending game.

Be a child. See like children see. Do what children do. Do what you love doing.

The Sea of Life is one amazing placeless place to play in and with. It wants you back home, to make you happy, really wholly happy.

A. Garden, August 2021

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash