Awareness awakening in a nutshell

Clip from Pixabay

A child’s brain sees the real world of many dimensions. The 3D dimension needs to be artificially imprinted into children’s brain and sustained through repetition of various beliefs in order to appear as real to the new human’s senses. This 3D mechanism is the projector which broadcasts “the world” through selective and exclusive 3D perception, causing overall distress and suffering due to the deeper recognition that this cannot be true reality.
Now, as we realize these, as we unlearn our educational conditionings, our brain retains only a simplified, lose and faded version of the imprinted 3D projection, enough to get around. The wholeness of child’s brain function is regained. Multidimensional living is the real world. Continual learning through real perception is happiness.

The only reasonable thing to do is unlearning of conditioned perceptions.

A. Garden, August 2021