Getting real for real life

Clip from Pixabay

So what to do?

So cry out “I want absolute freedom

I don’t want anything I think I want

My infinite soul wants to feel absolutely alive

Only absolute love is sufficiently satisfying

Absolute beauty

Absolute happiness

absolute clarity

absolute peace

Absolute truth”

all right here, one breath away.

~ * ~

The eye of the observer opens. Sea of life wave collapses into one ego particle which doubles up and through relationships makes vibration patterns. This instant’s universe begins. A certain vibration. A certain experience. Projected out from point of ego. The energy of the particle decreases. Interferences subside. The eye of the observer closes. Meditation. This instant’s universe experience ends. Only sea of life of infinite possibilities. Absolute Peace. Absolute Joy. Absolute Happiness. Absolute Beauty. Absolute Truth. Absolute Love. Absolute Freedom. Absolute Clarity.

©️A. Garden, August 2021