The Matrix and the Joy

Indeed the means for building the matrix we call human society or “the world” were given “from above” to the world builders, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, builders. The basic mathematical concepts, geometrical shapes and solids and all other concepts were received indeed by matrix builders from that Space of which they do not speak about. Any mystical reference is strictly prohibited in scientific circles although they all are aware of its presence and influence.

And yet, Something “breathed life” into some equations while in others did not. Something sustained and seen through some human endeavors, while others were abandoned or lead astray. Something makes code bytes flip every now and then.

Intention for building a 3D matrix is joy. Joy of playing among shapes, forms, light qualities and nuances of color, sounds and music. Joy of being alive. Joy of looking at the infinite unseen mystery of life. Intention for building the matrix was NOT obsessive thinking about expanding and improving the matrix. It happens on its own.

Joy of being recognizes what is of the matrix and what is that mysterious other than the matrix, above and beyond it, within and without it, and all in between, and everywhere around.

This basic recognition is the curriculum of each and every spiritual master. Once recognition established, joy of being in the world resumes as intended.

We at Theo and Mira teach a simple algorithm: is it a word with a meaning? It’s of the matrix. Is it an image with a meaning? It’s of the matrix. Is it a feeling or a bodily sensation with a meaning associated? It’s of the matrix. All that is of the matrix can be observed. Observation establishes recognition: this is the matrix. That is all that is needed for resuming joy of being.

The matrix is not bad or evil as long as it is recognized as such. The matrix produces suffering when you expect it to give you joy or even some little satisfaction. It’s not its purpose to provide joy. Joy comes from that which is other than the matrix.

May this message be a blessing to you, assisting you in resuming your natural intention of joy of being in the matrix.

A. Garden, September 2021. Please share the joy ☺️🙏🏻🕊

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash