The trickster

Photo by Thiago Rebouças on Unsplash

My brother and I, we like to play this game.
We call it “catch the trickster”.

… this crazy funny silly confusing conflicting evil laughing … uhm … trickster.

This trickster appears in each and every big or small human being, without exception. It teaches us about living life.

Being whole and natural and normal means being well, healthy, without any unfulfilled need or desire, utterly happy of being here in the world, without any particular motive, unconditionally happy.

The trickster has its way with all humans one way or the other by making humans think and feel as if something is wrong or something is missing, something is sick, tired, unfulfilled, … something is not whole, not right, not entirely good, not … needing more …

My brother and I, in silence and peace, we observe the plethora, the diversity of this trickster’s games and gimmicks.
Many trickster’s game gimmicks and glitches are being infiltrated into children’s brain from a very young age while they learn the basic necessary infrastructure set of mental programs we call “rules of human society” “the local culture”, “the local traditions” and “formal academic education”. Eventually, growing up, suffering and seeking healing, people from all walks of life learn to recognize their own hacked mindsets and behaviors and learn to steer clear from acting them out until they eventually subside for good, leaving them clear happy humans.

Although the trickster’s game manifestations are as many and as diverse as stars in the sky, they all do share a certain common feature which, when identified, signals clearly the trickster’s presence: the thought and feeling that something is wrong, hence the loss of peace and joy, which automatically launches the reaction of attack, offensive or defensive. Any thought and feeling that is saying “something is wrong “ implying “attack is needed” is the voice of the trickster.

So we observe, my brother and I. It is easier to observe it in the person in front of you, it takes some practice to notice its tricks in yourself.
Like this, we learn unceasingly, noticing. When we take off trickster’s mask, there is nothing or nobody there.

Then, we notice the voice of silence offered to the tricked human “there, there, it’s ok, all is well, you are still here, whole and untouched. It has all been nothing but a bad dream.”This is forgiveness being offered.That’s all.

Then we resume playing in the world.
The natural function of the body is communication of happiness, joy of being.


Silently, without words.

“such a joy being here”

“such a joy meeting you here”

©️A. Garden, September 16, 2021. Please share ☺️🙏🏻🕊with those you feel are open to receive