Congratulations, Human!

Congratulations, Human!

You discovered the absolute certainty of the ultimate reality, the all encompassing awareness, the unconditional happiness of being, the everlasting beauty of the eternal moment, the oneness of the consciousness/mind you all share, hence, made obsolete all need for any sort of believing.

You discovered that science is the joyful endeavor of clearly observing, gathering pieces of observation, using them to set the stage where the lucky moment of “Eureka” may appear.

You discovered that for maximum joy of living on earth, a balance is necessary in everything you do. The masculine driven action needs to be balanced by the feminine homecoming and resting. The masculine building structures with the feminine gardens and livestock.

You discovered that a happy community is made of happy people who discovered that the most happiness of living on earth is experienced when doing useful activities for your family and your community with your own hands. You discovered that a good professional, a good doctor, a good teacher, a good lawyer, a good architect is a person who solemnly vowed to the community to deliver you, fellow citizen seeking professional help, to deliver you straight back to happiness where you belong, in an instant.

Dear human, you made it.

From this point forward, you are ready to inhabit the happy part of the consciousness/mind you all share. Appreciation for all the things you made and discovered makes them vividly visible here, in the happy mind. Here, only what makes happy is seen and heard and touched.

Here, in this infinite spacious uncreated “kingdom”, all your happy ideas find their immediate fulfillment, bringing you instant joy of discovering them.

But the richest joy is being infinite eternal aware being

©️A. Garden, September 2021, please share ☺️🙏🏻🕊 this message with those you feel are ready to receive it

Photo by A. Garden