May all be well and happy ~ feels good being here

This is why the effectiveness of vaccination is a fact.

Here, in the field of certainty we all share and love, what is is and cannot ever not be, and what is dream, veils, deceptions and illusions dissipate like smoke in the clear blue sky.

We all share the immediate actual certainty of the solid firmament under our feet, our one planet earth.
We all share the immediate actual certainty of the one bright sun above our heads, whose light and heat we all adore.
We all share the immediate actual certainty of the one atmosphere we all breathe, surrounding us at all times.
We all share the certainty of goodness of the plants and animals.
We all share the certainty of infinity and beauty of the night sky.

Here, in the field of certainty, we all enjoy our earthly living, surrounded by family and friends, sanely playing by doing the useful activities of our daily homemaking, gardening, crafts, trades and professions. This is the one and only heaven. There is no other heaven, not on earth nor elsewhere, not in a time passed nor in a time to come. Here and now, in the field of certainty, all happiness is.

Here, we speak only the truth regarding any matter “I only know what is a a certain fact”. A fact stands alone, immutable, undisturbed as the earth, bright as the sun, all pervasive as the air. A fact speaks for itself. So we speak only the facts we observe. Then, we witness the appearance of the solution, conclusion, of a new structure, as the stated facts join each other and coalesce. No deception can ever survive here, not even a glimpse.

Here, there is only one supreme authority: the conscious citizen. He supported the building of the world for his enjoyment and happiness. He made the structures of the society so that opportunities for discovering ways to happiness may be offered to all citizens. That’s why every action one initiates must obey this prime directive : for the wellbeing and happiness of all.

Here, errors, manifestations of fear and attack offensive or defensive, are due to the fact that some parts of the one mind we all share expressed as unreasonable behavior in some individuals in some particular moments, are in the unconscious dreaming state. The only reasonable way to correct the state of unconsciousness is to awake that part of mind, in the most gentle way possible. Some may be still quite attached to their nightmares, as this is a way of maintaining their illusions of specialness, of being something different than the rest of the mind.

In the nightmare of society induced conditioned functioning, conscious citizens have suffered a lot of pain inflicted by healthcare system, education system, financial system, systems built on and supported through the the hard work and tax money conscious citizens provide. Now, as these systems are faced with a crisis, needing more understanding and support from the citizens, the conscious citizens are finding it hard to trust these systems which seemingly deceived them again and again, seemingly not delivering fully what they were commissioned to. Health they provide cannot be really found when you need it most, real education is available only for the rich or imposes great debt on the fresh graduate, housing and loans are inhumane. From conscious citizens‘ perspective, it looks like everything these systems do is against the happiness of the people.

In the nightmare of a fast developing society, conscious citizens who work in healthcare, education, finance and all other institutions and organizations, have been caught up in a phase of global accelerated growth. Information revolution, global economy and global community demands have stretched their abilities to provide real people-oriented quality services. In this growth rush, where you must keep up the pace or be left out, they have lost sight of the true purpose of the society they are building: people’s happiness. They have been carried away and sidetracked with inventing useless toys and dangerous weapons instead of creating useful tools, recreational drugs and experimental substances, instead of useful medicine. They have made numerous hacks and corruptive self-serving errors, horrible experiments for self entertainment. Hence, conscious citizens consumers must face every day the aftermath of those hacks and errors, every day they must correct, every day they must pay for them.

However, in this insane accelerated drive of growth, the society builders succeeded in linking a beautiful global community where anyone can easily travel, relocate, work and play virtually anywhere on the planet and be a citizen of the world. They succeeded in providing work-assisting technologies and unhoped for conveniences, some of which are yet to be finalized, reviewed and offered to the people. The computer has proven the fact that what we are in essence is mind, not separate bodies. The internet has linked all minds together, proving the fact we are all one mind, there are no separate special minds. These are formidable discoveries as they reassure us that conflict is impossible within that which is one single entity.

In the recent years, the conscious citizens discovered that their greatest joys in living life are building their own houses, growing and cooking their own food, baking their own bread, making their own necessary things and tools, teaching and providing health for their own children and elders, creating and living in their own communities. Conscious citizen are waking up from the so called addiction to useless gadgets, human degrading talk shows, soul trashing soap operas, mind wrecking movies and music. Conscious citizens are rediscovering their passion for cooking, crafting, conscious alternative health and education, environmental friendly house building. Dedication to practicing their passion nurtures people, heals people, empowers minds, enriches people’s soul, frees people’s spirit, in short makes people happy.

In the end, the people as consumers decide to stop buying and stop supporting unnecessary technological conveniences, research and institutional services, the production of such technologies will be immediately discontinued. It seems that there is an optimum point of society services and technology advancements. Too much is not helpful anymore but becomes annoying, space taking, energy wasting, money burning, nerve wrecking, physical health and psychologically degrading, to say the least. Too much technology is impossible to maintain in good function.

However, some scientific discoveries and technology have proven their worth and efficiency in time, which is a measure of the great care and time consuming testing that they’ve taken to be made available. Electric energy illuminates, provides heat and fuels machines with minimum impact on the environment. Antibiotics effectively clear infections. Vaccination effectively eradicated epidemics and pandemics. No one is afraid anymore of smallpox, rubella, hepatitis, tetanus, poliomyelitis. That’s because all people of the world have taken vaccinations for these diseases. These are actual every day facts that anyone can swear by just as anyone swears by the solidity of the earth, the brightness of the sun and the all pervasiveness of the atmosphere. That’s why these are facts that stand on their own in the field of certainty. That’s why refusing to take and to give to other people proven life-saving technology made with greatest professional care and accuracy is an act against people’s happiness and well-being.

That being said, do not fret while we are in the process of transformation, while we regulate our attitudes and behaviors, while we renovate our world, while we rediscover and redirect our attention to our passions, renew our social contracts, rewrite our history. Nothing goes wrong. Every civilization passes through crisis in order to rebirth itself and continue onward. Forgive errors as they appear only in the dream state of making. In the end product, all errors will be cleared.

All people want is to live together in happiness and peace. Let us all recognize that 99% of the moments of our days are naturally occurring happy moments when all is well. “Feels good to be here”. “May all be well and happy.” These are the main guiding words for living happily ever after in our one and only heaven on earth.

A. Garden, September 2021. May this message be a blessing to you. 😊🙏🏻🕊 Please share if you find it useful.