Now, we know ourselves. The beginning of conscious living

World renovation starts with community renovation. Community renovation starts with family renovation. Family renovation starts with man-woman relationship renewal.

Both man and woman must be conscious now. The age of conditioned behavior has passed. “You are a man, you must be strong, you must build the house, must bring home the bacon, must fight to get ahead, must be rational, must not show emotion, must never give up, must work hard, must gather knowledge from others, must stay focused, must do something great so you get recognition for your efforts and cleverness, must build the world.” “You are a woman, you must yield to the man’s will, you must clean, must raise children, must be nice, must be gentle, must cook, must pray to god, must not think, not have ideas of your own, must endure, must not trespass into man’s business territory”.

In the world, in the man – woman relationships, we are now witnessing the last residues of conditioning being brought up to the surface of the conscious awareness, where they simply dissolve.

What being a conscious being means? It means you fundamentally know what you really are and why you are really here now. That’s all. This basic knowledge guides your conscious actions and endeavors and relating to another attitudes. To learn these, one must learn to investigate his own self by asking the right questions. The right questions are simple questions that invoke the truth or the ultimate reality. Is this a certain fact? a right question. What do I know with certainty? On the solid firmament of certainties, the conscious being is never afraid to take the next step forward, to lay the first layer of bricks. This building lasts for millennia.

We, conscious men and women, are assisting each other in clearing our brains of old myths, fantasies, archetypes and legends. We are clearing our brains of scientific theories, assumptions, hypothesis, failed attempts, fake claims of proof, and hacks. We are only concerned with being completely loyal to the vast field of certainty.

Here, all delusions and fantasies dissolve before even forming. Here, there is only the immediately next right action.
Now, from here, we may begin.

A. Garden, September 2021. Please share this message ☺️🙏🏻🕊 with those you feel are dedicated to becoming conscious beings.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash