Where do we go?

What is the world with all its things for?

Why did we build a world?

To raise some sort of separation between us. To escape being with each other.

You are building and building and building. I am walking, lost in it, calling for you, waiting for you to stop building and come sit with me. Let us sit together in reality and watch the world play.

See, there are those who want to remain in the garden (the ultimate reality). They don’t need to explore, don’t need to invent new things, don’t need to build. They are content with everything that the garden (ultimate reality) provides for them, being and remaining that which they are: beings of the garden.

See, there are those, the explorers, who make up a dream, a story and a holodeck where they pretend they are not what they are, beings of the garden, but funny strange beings with peculiar features and abilities, doing various activities with some invented meanings and for absurd purposes. Pretending doesn’t make one suffer. Forgetting you find yourself now in your own made up dream does.

Those who remember are called conscious beings. They know it is their own dream they are seeing all around but continue this adventure lucidly, just for fun. Those who have forgotten, the unconscious, keep banging at the world, trying to make it look like their “lost” garden, suffering greatly for failing. The world is not supposed to be like the garden. The world is their dream, an extension of the garden, different in nature but having still a link to garden, the awareness of being seen.

See, every dream starts with two people. They make their own little family. Then a few families form a community, then a town, a city, a country, a world. Whenever they reach the world level of their civilization, a natural phenomenon occurs always, without exception: they split. Part of them, the beings of the garden, they want to turn back at the beginning of the dream, at the family/community level. The other part, the explorers, they want to continue the dream forward, seek and connect with other civilizations.

Which of them is right? Which is wrong? Can you tell? What would you choose?

©️A. Garden, September 2021. Please share this message ☺️🙏🏻🕊 with those you feel would love to receive it.