4 basic mental attitudes for speaking the truth

  1. I don’t understand what I see.

The laws of perception: every eye sees shapes of colored light pixels. Every brain interprets the shapes of colored pixels according to what it considers pleasing or according to its conditioning. The best way to eradicate all interpretations is remembering “I don’t understand what I see” or “what I see has no meaning in itself”.

2. I am you.

Since I don’t understand what I see, I don’t understand the image of you and I don’t understand the image of me. Hence, I conclude the two images are not different in any respect. I am open to the possibility of we not being in essence the images we see.

3. All is well. Masculine and feminine principles are always in a moving state of playful negotiation.

“There are always battles to win, people to save, cities to create and expand, a world to build” he says. “You’ve done enough now. A world is made. You did good.” she says. “Come home. Eat. Rest. Let us enjoy being with each other.”

4. We are here for the joy of being.

You and I, together, walk and sit and watch the play of colorful pixels. Sometimes we make things. Sometimes we travel to new places. The world is at peace because we both are at peace.
“Feels good to be here”.

©️A. Garden, September 2021. Please share ☺️🙏🏻🕊 with those who love being truthful.

Photo by Danis Lou on Unsplash