masculine feminine integration, world healing conversation

For those willing to look at what is really happening. For those ready to take responsibility for mistakenly seeing tricky thoughts as reality.

Here is looking at the masculine feminine dynamics at play, within each of our relationships, and in the world at large as well, where the people are the feminine principle and the world builders, the masculine.

“STOP!” she says. “Stop running away! Stop hiding in work! Come, sit with me. It’s time we sit and face ourselves.”

“Is it?” he says. “Well, I think you are lazy and sloppy in everything you do. You are unable to do anything right, unable to follow instructions accurately. You aren’t able to think clearly, you are brainwashed by someone. I cannot even have a decent conversation with you. You immediately start whining and blaming and … needing, needing, needing, clinging. Always needing something. I have given you technology and conveniences to make your stupid inefficient work easier, I have given you transportation without borders to travel and see the entire world, accessible education for everyone, accessible medical services for everyone. You are still whining. Needing, needing, needing something. What more could you possibly want? Instead of doing something productive, you invent an imaginary friend, praise him all day long and pray to him for protection. Protection from whom?”

“You are always away. You are never home, and when you are home, you are never with me. All I have is my imaginary friend. To keep me company and protect me from you. You built all those things to help you run faster and farther away from me. Now you are planning to take off into space. You built all those techs to ensure that your instructions are being followed accurately and the work is being done perfectly. I tried to be as you said I needed to be so you would like me, perhaps even love me. I thought I needed all kinds of improvements, personal developments, to accumulate all that human made books knowledge. I really did my best. You are trying to fix me, to find a genetic cure for my so very imperfect spirited impetuous easily distracted nature. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if you build yourself a machine that makes perfect conversation too. And all the rest, perfectly, exactly the way you want it. Everything you ever did was running away or invent work to avoid me, invent wars to avoid me, and now you want to replace me altogether with machines. I need you and you need me. I need you to hold me. You need me to grow and prepare your fresh food. You need me to birth and raise your children.”

“I can build my own greenhouses. I can cook my own food. I can fertilize in vitro and grow children too. I really don’t need you. I can make myself everything I need and want. I can even make another planet too. I don’t need “Mother Earth” either. I am self sufficient.”

“Perhaps you can do all these things. But … are you happy? You are silly to deny this and self deceive yourself. You are silly to believe that having everything exactly the way you want it will ever make you happy. All happiness lives within us. My whole happiness is in you, your whole happiness is in me. We are heaven on earth. Let’s not look at each other any longer. Eyes deceive always. Let’s just … embrace.”

May this healing resolution take place in each of us every day, every hour.
Let us resume now our real living in the field of ultimate reality.

©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 🙏🏻💔🕊 with those you feel are willing and ready to heal.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash