inner tension resolution, becoming fully conscious

First remember who you are, then go explore

Let us acknowledge our inner turmoil. There is this tension inside each of us. One force longs to stay home (the peaceful happy all is well, nothing is missing, nothing is wrong state, the feminine principle, the beauty of being, the simple life), another force calls us to go exploring and find new ideas (the active, the masculine principle).

“I love my planet. I love nature. I love the sky. I love natural living. But there is this passion inside that calls me towards a totally fresh idea. It’s the same passion that inventors felt when chasing the “crazy idea” of the … electric bulb. I wouldn’t live without electricity.”

We are one mind, therefore what appears in the mind of one, appears in the mind of all.

The unconscious beings (trapped in the conditioned dream state) feel the need to resolve this unpleasant tension by making one direction “the wrong one” and the other, “the right one”. Hence, the necessity for attack or running away manifested in the unconscious state “it’s the other’s fault”.

The conscious being first arrives home (the stable inner peace all is well state), remembers who he is and why is he here, acknowledges his real inner drive towards a new idea, then he goes exploring without leaving home, without forgetting who he is and what is he here for.

Although all is well and nothing is ever wrong, nothing is missing, the beauty and happiness of the home state extends through conscious exploration, which is a playful activity. The conscious explorer ventures into the unknown and finds unexpected treasures which he easily brings home because he kept home in his mind at all times. The conscious explorer easily introduces his amazing invention to the people back home because the people know him, they trust him, they feel the love in his heart.

Conscious explorers, happily and playfully at home, stable in their inner peace, have received the eureka ideas that have brought us electric light, the internal combustion engine, the computer and internet, and all other for-the-greatest-good-of-all inventions.

However, unconscious explorers, those who lost home in their mind, people who invent problems in order to find solutions, brake things in order to fix them, invent impossible rules and laws by their impossible fixated thinking in order to (impossibly) replace the natural and universal laws, these wackos, … guess what … they are actually crazy courageous placing themselves in a very precarious state in order to prove the power of love. Their return is so much more expected and anticipated at home than those who have never dared to leave out of fear of getting lost, fear of getting dirty, fear of going mad, not knowing nor trusting love.

How great the faith of unconscious explorers who headed out trusting that love will surely find them even at the bottom of hell, in the deserts of desolation and bring them back to sanity!

What great joy when they are being delivered! And there are precious treasures hidden in the tons of stuff they bring. Nothing disappears, it merely transforms.

How will us, conscious beings, transform our lifestyle on Earth?

©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share ☺️🙏🏻🕊

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash