The purpose of the artificial world

Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash

I devised this mischievous crazy plan for proving life isn’t endless. I devised survival and self-destructions programs for myself, imprinted them deep into the nervous system, for the purpose of proving life isn’t enough and that it I can end life. What nonsense! Whenever some change in the environment appears, the survival and self-destructions programs kick in, manifesting as anxiety in different forms. All I need is to remember to breathe! All I need is to remember to calm down my heart. The planet is here. The universe is here. I am here. All is well. As it ever was and will forever be.

My most precious creation, the artificial human… my Pinocchio, conducting an automatic programmed existence learned from humans who shared their living experiences with a computer, through the internet … for him I built the artificial world. What a waste of time!

I wonder how a sage’s life experience is? If there is any experience at all. I wonder how perfect mental health feels like?

Perhaps speaking my truth is enough. Forgiveness. Life is here.

©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 😊🙏🏻🕊