Only us

I take my brother’s hand, we stand up, and together we leave the cinema theater of egomind ”fight or flight” movies. It has been always just “us” after all. Never “them vs. us”.

We return to real living. Peace and joy of being. We walk together. We sit and have tea together. Find new fresh foods. We discover new ways of cooking and baking. We clean our house. We tend to the garden. We hum random notes. Our spontaneous somewhat dancing is of no consequence. When the wind is right, we go sailing. Or, … perhaps … surfing might happen today. We watch the infinity above and beyond our horizons. Time is always “now” here. We travel, meet new people and share living. We discover new nuances of calm pastels, soft and easy music, simple sensible ideas at every step along our destinationless journey.

The innate “dragon brain” has been adopted, showered with love and care each day, and given a useful purpose: explore, find, collect and enjoy things you like.

©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 🙏🏻🕊😊

Photo by S O C I A L. C U T on Unsplash