Fear brain projection world and signs of becoming fully conscious

All is well. Fear brain wired for survival projects the world of fear we see.

Test to prove that the fear brain (or egomind) projects the mad world of terror. When you feel angry or anxious, regardless the reason, go into a safe natural place. Walk through nature for thirty minutes or so. Return home and try to recall elements of the natural world that you noticed: the trees, the sunlight, the sound of the water stream, etc. If you are being honest, you haven’t noticed any. When our anxiety brain is aggravated, all we can see in front of our eyes is the crazy mental quarry.

Therefore, regardless of the beautiful safe place we are actually living in (the happy world), we are seeing in front of our eyes what the anxiety brain projects. There are countless beautiful peaceful happy TV channels you could select to watch. But your anxiety brain selects the terror channels to watch in order to keep itself active, to feed itself hate energy.

So … all I need to know right now … is my fear brain (egomind) active or my neocortex happy brain (conscious) active? It is always always always, in the moment, either one or the other. The part of brain that is active projects the kind of world I see. How do I feel? Lamenting, blaming, complaining, worrying, seeing problems everywhere, watching the news, irritating, frustrating, unsure … they’ll all be well eventually? My dragon brain has been aggravated and is active. It projects all kinds of terrors from its fear-based activity.

Peaceful, calm, quiet inside, hopeful, soft, relaxed, bright, positive, poised, connected, loved …? My conscious brain is active.
So now … all I need to decide is which one I want it active, … consequently, which world I want to see …

Signs we are becoming conscious.

The happy world is projected from the conscious part of the brain. This happy seeing cannot be described in the duality language that the fear brain comprehends in the same way one cannot describe the experience of love. … other than “it feels really really good”. Only your own decision to experience a world beyond the fear brain will get you ready for seeing the happy world projected from the neocortex, the conscious brain.
We are becoming conscious because:

  • we remember to stop
  • we remember to breathe
  • we remember that the world we see is not real (although it looks and feels very real to you right now), that this is produced by your anxiety brain activity
  • we remember that “this too shall pass”, it is temporary, the fear brain will eventually get tired and go to sleep
  • we remember that we don’t know exactly the meaning or the cause of the event that just has happened, and perhaps it has no meaning at all in itself, so we might as well let it go from the grip of our focus
  • we remember to turn our mind’s focus on the many little good things in your surroundings: the earth, the sun, the water, the electricity, the taste of tea, of bread, the smile of a stranger, the animals, the trees …
  • we remember all is well, we all are life forms swimming in the infinite sea of life. The absurdity of hating makes it feel so awkward. Loving is knowing we are all life. The rightness of loving makes it feel good.
  • we came into existence for the joy of being and not for staying in the same form forever
  • we discover we can communicate without words or signs

©️A. Garden, October 2021. Please share 😊🙏🏻🕊

Photo by Fix Rod on Unsplash