Thank you, dear friend reader of mine

Dear reader, 👓, you make possible this website👩🏻‍💻.
Thank you for reading 📕 and sharing 🤲🏻 and supporting 🪙. Through your support via PayPal, you keep this website ads free and looking good. 🥰

I am grateful for your notes and feedback. They inspire new forms of expression for my messages of inner peace and natural joy of being. Here I am, in between daily house keeping chores and family tending activities, sitting down to do my daily reading, clearing the brain of thought residues, then, as a new idea is gaining shape, feeling the urge to take my notebook and write down words, without a preconceived conclusion in mind, only with the intention of creating clarity and freedom and peace of mind. The source of pain is unchecked egomind so better keep an eye on that little mischievous Bugs Bunny trickster at all times.🧐 (he is just a cartoon character but left unobserved he can make a big mess out of things). Healing made simple.

Next, I proceed with seeking a photo on Unsplash that would fit well with the message, editing and molding it into a photo poem, reminder or meditation for you. Then, I make myself another cup of tea. I enjoy this creative process. And enjoying it I should as I’ve been at it for over eight years 😄, ten or more if I’m counting my previous websites. I am determined to make unconditional happiness, your reality, your true nature, accessible to you and to everyone who strongly decisively declares himself or herself truly fed up with suffering (one would think anyone would do that, but they are really not ready, therefore … compassion is necessary 🕊).

Lately, I started creating little videos too. They take longer to make and the video editing app is not free. Gratefully, your treat with a (good) cup of tea 🫖☕️ takes care of it. (I drink tea now. I stopped drinking coffee, by the way. I noticed coffee feeds my egomind’s anxiety mechanisms).

Soon, I might post more of my own photos and videos, taken while wandering about (I was going to say traveling but that might be an overstatement for my little trips around my home town). I love to see new places. I love to meet new people. No story, no agenda. Just simple unique moments.

Many projects are underway in my “kitchen”. A new book collection of best photo reminders. A film of unique moments captured while wandering. Finish part two of “Theo and Mira” story. A series of short presentations of random people. Poems audio recordings. And more … 😅 (seeking collaborations).

I’m also considering the prospect of hosting LIVE … chat … soon (… uhm 😳 so not my cup of tea … probably later than sooner).

My desire is to keep this website clean and all my work free, accessible for everyone to read and view and enjoy and find peace. Quite the challenge nowadays! 😅 Always wondering what gifts the next moment brings. All I desire now are the gifts I’m receiving right now. Hm, interesting to notice. Every Now brings new gifts (just set your tuner to receive them). Who said that Santa Clause doesn’t exist?

Thank you 🙏🏻 for your support 💶

Yours truly,

A. Garden