See the many little things that are good

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

Only good is real.

Reality is wholly good.

What is not good is ego hallucination.

Good feels good. What does not feel good is not real. Only good feels good.

Good feels like first rays of sunshine after a long winter.

Good feels like smooth sailing when the winds are fair.

Good feels like the warmth of the fireplace after a long walk in the snow.

Good feels like a smiling baby.

Good feels like the words “I love you” and “thank you”.

Good feels like a warm embrace after a long time apart.

Good feels like children’s funny nonsense play bla-bla blu-blu bli-bli.

Good feels like grandma’s home baking.

Good feels like pine and sea fragrances marry.

Good feels like discovering happiness in the most unlikely situation.

Good feels like soft gentle music after a long silence.

Good feels like warm fragrant soup after a long day out.

Good feels like a blooming orchard in the spring.

Good feels like gentle waves caressing the warm sandy shore.

Good is the comfort of the pillow and mattress after a long day.

Go on … see the many little things that are good.

This is seeing reality.

Seeing the good reality is the happiness ever after.

© A. Garden, February 21, 2022. Share the link with those you love.