Dear world leaders, an open letter and a world peace referendum

Open letter to all world leaders

Dear world leaders,

I am a housewife and a mother, a sister, a friend and a neighbour.

All my relatives and all my friends can testify for my utter ignorance when it comes to world history, economy and politics. All I have is some impressions. They always mock me for my naivety.  But my family and friends can also testify I have a lifelong true devotion for the voice of love. Decisively, I refuse to hear anything but the voice of love or a call for love. I recognise it when I hear it.

I hear it now. I know that everything you do is fuelled by love because there is no other power that enables one to action. I plead you hear love’s words.

Dear world leaders of the East,

Like good parents, you are trying to protect your people from the Enemy with all your might. Like good parents, you become afraid when the Enemy seems to grow stronger. You don’t want to see your children hurt.

The Enemy is lying. The Enemy is shrewd. The Enemy is vicious. The Enemy is relentless. The Enemy has broken your hearts and shattered all your dreams. The Enemy is Illusion.

Like all good parents, you would do anything in your power to ensure the happiness of your children. The Enemy is everywhere, lurking, trying in millions of ways to steal the souls of the children.

Like all good parents, we continually learn. The Enemy is the illusion of a better lifestyle, the illusion of a better place to live, the illusion of a better tomorrow. The illusion that drives people away from their family, in search of something “tremendously marvellous”. They all come back disillusioned, depressed.

You are trying to protect your people from the dry ugliness of The American Dream.

Please, world leaders, do realise, that the American people are also victims of The Enemy.

They now are beginning to discover the happiness and the peace of mind a small simple lifestyle offer. They now discover the value of family and community. 

Dear world leaders of the East, good parents of love, we all know that it comes a time when we cannot keep our children safe at home. There comes a time when they have to face The Enemy themselves. We must trust in the power of our love. This is the one true power. This power of love will keep them safe and bring them back home, to the happy simple lifestyle of family and community. The Illusion of an idea is The Enemy we all are fighting in this life on Earth. It is the fight each individual must enter and emerge transformed: a real living being. 

Dear world leaders! My appeal is to your reason. Your hearts have been broken in the fight with the illusion of ideas. It is time you invite love to mend your hearts and restore the trust in Life. Love will reignite in your hearts the appreciation of the beauty of family and community lifestyle. And the trust your children will too.

Dear world leaders of the West,

It is time you recognise your chase for a “better life” has almost destroyed our planet. Tomorrow cannot be better if today is not good enough. All spiritual masters are teaching you this. Life is here now. Life is enough. Life is all there is. There is nothing else. No matter how hard you seek, everywhere you go all you find is the same life. Which is absolutely beautiful. But you are blinded by your ideas of a better life do you cannot see  the beauty right in front of your eyes. Your dear ones are your happiness you seek. Your family and your community are your entire amazing universe to delight in, every day, every moment. But for that, you must stop all seeking! You must stop and come home! 

Your happiness awaits you at home, around the family table filled with delicious foods. 

Now just think. If enough people of the world would realise that there is nothing better someplace else, that in the place you are right now, there you can create your heaven on Earth, your family and community. Provided Peace reigns the place. Just think of how many world problems this single realisation would solve. 

I believe we are enough people who desire a simple family and community lifestyle. I believe the scale just tipped. Have faith in the power of love! 

Let’s all vote for Peace!

Yours truly,

Daniela Andreea Toma “Garden”

Global All World’s People Peace Referendum