Mother Earth is Awake; She speaks to all her children

Mother Earth is awake

She speaks to all her children, all true living beings who currently inhabit her living body

Dear ones,

Thank you for holding in your hearts the absolute laws of Life which are also mine.

Thank you for leading your lives in accord with the absolute laws of Life which are also mine.

Thank you for your exclusive attention to following only the laws of Life which are also mine.

You are always and forever sane and safe and your family know only peace, happiness, love and abundance.

You are my joy, you and I alike, we are Divinity’s joy, now and forever.

When something other than peace and happiness distracts your attention for a moment, remember! It is only a illusion! It is only virtual reality! Those who don’t know real living of peace and happiness cannot understand it. But you do know it. I know, it seems as real as anything else. Remember! Bring back your attention to your daily joyful living which is your only available sustainable portal to the one Reality of Life.

Restoring your attention back to the simple daily routine of family and community life is your sole responsibility. This is the true meaning of forgiveness. This is what I am asking all my children to do. This ability is the gift that only children of Life have been given. This gift is the only gift you may give to those in need, those who are desperately asking for it, being trapped in their own make-believe illusion. Misbehaviour is the visible symptom of one trapped in illusion. Forgiveness is the one and only remedy they need. And is yours to give it to them.

Dear children of Life, do not make any effort, verbal or action, in sharing your gift of forgiveness. It is sufficient that you recognise its presence in yourself for it to naturally spread all around you. Say words that spontaneously come to your mind. Do actions that moment’s spontaneity asks of you to do. Your words and actions are filled with your forgiveness, naturally filling those who receive them, healing their hearts and bringing peace to their minds. And naturally transmitting them the gift of forgiveness.

Dear ones, Life and I, alive planet Earth, are forever grateful to you for doing your part and bringing back to the reality of life those who are lost in the Illusion.

There has always been and will always be this game of illusion in the realm of Illusion. Life rests at peace forever because illusion’s time is always finite while peace is eternity. 

So, carry on in peace and mind and with light hearts your daily activities for you are and forever will remain Life’s children, safe with the ever present Spirit of Life, within you and all around.

We love you!

We are eternally grateful!

We rejoice in sharing your daily delightful simple activities!


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