Go beyond the veil! Welcome to Reality

Beyond Illusion’s veil of words and images, beyond the made-up make-believe veil of thought-made perception, knowledge, memories and future apocalyptic predictions, there lies the ever bright, peaceful and happy world of Life created Reality. Here, all have direct access to infinite energy of loving awareness. Here, some choose to channel energy into enhancing the happiness of their family and community. Others choose to channel energy in mental endeavours of contemplating the beauty or exploring the endless mysteries of Reality.

Go ahead, undo the veil with the power of forgiveness!

The only thing that keeps you trapped into the veil is some form of belief in suffering you haven’t yet addressed. Don’t dawdle on analysing past or present issues. That’s what thought wants, because that’s what keeping you trapped in there. Rather say at any little discomfort you feel, be it mental, emotional or in your body,

say “Forgiveness Clear Delete Illusion. I declare myself at peace with all and every single human being present, past or future”.

Feel the discomfort dissolving. Sense the lightness in your heart increasing and sense openness, softening happening in your body. See the veil of perception thinning out and finally lifting.

Welcome to Reality of the Absolute!

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