Saving the world is saving yourself

Have you ever been in love? Really truly wholly … in love?

Were there any troubles, anywhere, near or far, anywhere at all, in the world?

Were you hungry?

Were you afraid of anything?

Were you slave to any thought, any ideology?

Simple people are always in love. They never know anything else but love. Their world is always bright and beautiful, peaceful and happy. Nothing ever goes wrong.

Could this be heaven on Earth?

Could it be this simple to reach it?

Stop seeking other solutions! Fall in love. Simply. Not with someone. Not with something. Simply move through the veil, the clouds of Illusion that unobserved out of place thought has build around you. You can do it. All by yourself. Yes, go on. Advance through the clouds until all you see is crystalline clarity. That’s right! Don’t stop. Don’t dawdle. Don’t listen to others. In your mind, move! Keep rising! Save yourself! Save the world!