An hourly prayer. Let my mind be set on forgiveness because peace and happiness is what I want

Being spirit of Life loving light of awareness Absolute. 

Light in me recognises the light that you are, therefore extending. We are one breath of the Absolute. This is the true meaning of love.

Illusion in me fights or flees the illusion in you. 

We choose love. Love dissolves illusion.

Only Light of awareness remains untouched, forever expanding through love projection. This is Reality of living.

Light of awareness sees no illusion. Illusion sees no light of awareness.

The two mingle without ever mixing.

That which is not forever alive light of awareness is illusion. 

Illusion is thought make-believe.

Thought makes an image/idea by believing the image/idea it makes is real.

Discerning the living light of awareness from illusion and choosing to identify with living light of awareness is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way to the peace and happiness inherent to all living light of awareness.

Let my mind be set on forgiveness because peace and happiness is what I want.

So at every hour I ask 

“Crystalline pure mind, living light of awareness, Absolute, please clear all illusion between us. We don’t want it. Forgiveness for making it. We recognise we all are your breath and your one clear mind. Let your truth shine obviously in all aspects of our simple daily living. Let the power of our forgiveness combined with your power of undoing heal and renew all our relationships, now and forever. It is so!”

🙏💕🕊 print, keep at hand, read often, memorise and/or share with those who want peace and happiness for all