The world’s basic simulation stories, masculine and feminine

How to use this understanding

Stop frequently during your daily activities and see it at play in your relationships. See it in your relatives’ and friends’ relationships. See it in your children’s choice of computer games. See it in your choices of movies to watch. See it at play in international relationships. 

Seeing is the only necessary action. From seeing, the instant immediate dropping of the narrative happens automatically. You return to your peaceful happy daily activities.

Let us all remember

We all are the breath of the sublime Absolute. We are the sole treasure of the universe, the ever-burning Morning Star in an infinite clear sky. We are the ultimate joy of being alive. We dream ourselves a world for our enjoyment of waking up to Reality.

Masculine basic simulation story, in a nutshell

“There is an extremely powerful, mad, terrorising Man out there, who’s after me to persecute me and kill me. He is keeping me in hunger and poverty, he makes me work very hard to earn my food and shelter, he is putting me through all kinds of horrendous trials, he humiliates me in endless ways, he tortures me, he destroys my family, in the end he kills me. I am very brave enduring and standing out to him although I am very small and terrified of him OR I am very smart running away from him and hiding where he cannot find me. I outsmarted him … for now. But not for long. There he is again, coming after me. Here I go again.”

Feminine basic simulation story in a nutshell, sustains masculine narrative

“Men are sometimes angry retarded ogres scared of their own shadow, attacking everything around themselves, at other times they are enchanting saving gentle princes. Women are weak in physical strength so they need men to survive in this world, therefore they must put up with men’s bipolar nature, hoping some day their mindset will stabilise OR women are bright and magical so they are able to transform an ogre into a prince.”

Remember! Each time you stop and see and NOT believe in this basic hallucinating narrative, all those who resonate with you at that time, they’ll stop with you too. For one second, you taste together the wholesome goodness of being awake to Reality. One second is all it takes.

A. Garden, April 2022.

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