What is the world and looking beyond, an invitation for daily play with Life

The masters of experience
sail the treacherous fabric of spacetime and reach the peaceful clear waters of pure awareness, the reality of being.
Here, the game of real living effortlessly unfolds. Now.

Thought made objects. The collection of all objects is commonly called “the world”.
Thought made perception by assigning concepts to natural phenomena observed. Thought assigned conceptual interpretations to natural occurrences (sensations) experienced by the living organism. The collection of assigned interpretations of sensations made the mental image commonly called “the body”. Thought invented all sorts of conceptual interpretations for the natural experiences of the living organism, collectively called the “human mind”. Thought imprints/teaches through conditioning all new born living organisms. All children are taught by thought-assigned adults. All children are taught the names of the objects thought made. All children are taught the names of the sensations they feel in their living organism. All children are taught the plethora of the psychosocial concepts. All the children are taught the world. The world needs to be taught and taught and taught and taught and taught and taught every day, every hour, in order to stick to the living organism (beliefs are formed). Beliefs act as VR goggles. All you see through them is only the taught world. The world needs to be believed in in order to seem real.
Natural occurrences happen only NOW. The process of assigning concepts to natural occurrences makes possible the recording of events which produces time. Time produces space.
The source of thought is the thought “I” (ego), an imaginary dreamlike entity, separate from all natural aliveness (Reality, Life).

Simple reality/sanity check: how did you arrive to know what you say/think you know? The correct (sane) answer is: from what people taught me. All we know is what we were taught to see, taught to hear, taught to feel and taught to think.

Masters of experience look beyond everything thought made.
They dissolve the ego back into the true Reality. Here, the game of real living unfolds. Now.

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Come, my friend, let’s discover the mysteries of experiencing, not through forcing the heavily conditioned brain into a seemingly unknown terrifying territory, rather we’ll employ the heart activating power of poetry, feel our way through the opened portal, and safely happily step into a totally new yet utterly familiar reality.
This instant, this moment, this now, is the timeless place where the heart portal opens. When we sit quietly, we let go of all conditioned mental distractions, one by one, and we bring the entire attention to our heart’s breath as it happens … now.
Discover the perfection of this instant, once all unnecessary thoughts clear away. You stepped into the clear mind, the true mind.
Discover the marvellous visions the clear mind has been safe keeping for you.
Here we begin the play of witnessing the birth of a new experience.
“Hello Life, daily play with Life” invites you to join.
Read slowly. Read with your heart. Read to your happiness. Each page of this book will immerse you into the light streaming through the opened portal of your softened heart. Stay here for a while. Steep your mind in this soft fragrant restful light.
Then, get up and carry on with your daily activities, but try to keep some attention on your breathing heart. Notice all the little wonderfully inspired things, coming to you, appearing into your experience. Know experiencing is never ending, therefore is safe to let go, close your eyes for a while and rest.
Return to reading a page or a few whenever you feel a little discomfort, which is generally caused by a too lengthy or too strongly invested attention into experiencing. Let go of experiencing and return to resting into your heart, and stepping into the new now moment.
Come, my friend, join me into the infinite clear mind, where only love may live and play.
You who desire only love, only joy, only peace, only light, only heaven, only clarity, only friendship … this play, this journey is for you.

An invitation, a call to return home. The best place to be while travelling.