What is home and your heaven world

Photo by HONG LIN on Unsplash

Dear man,

Remember the moment you made the first box.
A box, an utmost unnatural imaginary thing of lines and angles and planes, a place where an unnatural imaginary little you may hide from life, pretending to be alone, free to imagine diverse unnatural scary beings, “safely” separated from the all inclusiveness of natural life.
A box, an imaginary space where life may not enter, where only an imaginary you may exist surrounded by all your imaginary things, a little weird twisted fearful mind, imaginarily separated from the infinite clear mind of Life.

Now, you have forgotten the fact that it was you who made the box in the first place. Hence, you feel trapped … by someone other than you. So, you make imaginary attack towards your imaginary enemy for your imaginary protection. As a result, the absurd unsettling state of hate and fear you feel.

However, you cannot stay inside the box for too long. Every now and then, you’ll have to re-emerge into the natural clear life, outside the box, and reconnect with your real self, the pure idea of you in the infinite clear mind, your source of existence. You’ll feel good, content, happy, only by returning to the natural state of love.

Every box, a little world. Every complex collection of boxes, an universe. There is no limit for their number, their weirdness and their scariness, as there is no limit to your imagination. But, as it turns out, the only actual fun fully satisfying game is imagining a world, an universe that is the closest to reality of Life.

That kind of universe we call heaven. This is the game of choice for all happy people, those who discovered love alone is happiness: the game of making my own heaven on Earth. First I decide some of the things that I truly really love, things that truly I find beautiful, things that truly I enjoy. Then, one by one, I observe their appearance into manifested physical form. All is well because all is Life, and how it may get even better?

Therefore, dear man, it is completely safe to give up making up scary unnatural stuff. Hate and fear won’t ever provide happiness. The world won’t end. The world won’t be chaos. The world won’t be boring either. The world will be your very own idea of ever unfolding heaven.

Let home be a place where you start, the place you gather those you love. Home, the centre of your heaven world.

© A. Garden, June 2022