You are your real you again, in love’s eyes

Photo by Ksenia Kazak on Unsplash

Dear friend,

Let’s be wholeheartedly thankful for being human beings. Human alone is able to use thought to make himself something other than Life. For the fun of simulating thought, of making up beliefs in the effort of trying to give a meaning to this self other than Life. For the happiness of falling in love and finally remembering he is only pure Life.
The sweetness of love is just a taste of the ecstasy of fully remembering. Being completely at peace, completely soft, open to all and whole. Completely happy.
The openness of love is the door.
Love overlooks that “not you” self other than Life you made. Love redeems you. You are your real you again, in love’s eyes. That’s why love feels good.
Just allow it. Just breathe.
Say “Thank you” often.

Say “I love and am loved”.

A. Garden, October 2022