About facing one’s fears and my self-made unease remedy

Name that fear! Whenever I feel some sort of unease, I sit down with my notebook and start writing. I write whatever comes into my mind. I keep going until all uneasiness is gone. 

Then, I summarize it all in a simple short clear poem. 

Anxiety is human. We all have it. Left unaddressed, anxiety manifests as anger or depression. Just keep it simple: all non-ease is anxiety, all anxiety is caused by believing some sort of thought is reality. Thoughts are imagination. No thought is real except the thought “I am”. “I am” is the one and only real thought. The rest is make-believe. When make-believe dies out due to its illusory nature, anxiety appears because we believed it real. We are upset because we were fooled. Again. Be gentle with yourself. Although illusive, thoughts and their works can seem very realistic. On top of that, thoughts have already corrupted the minds of everyone around, starting from kindergarten. It seems unreasonable to live without thought. Everyone employs the power of thought to get what they (believe they) want or escape the (believed) unwanted. However, there are people who have the courage to face their fears, one by one, address their anxieties. They step into the vulnerability and uncertainty of being human. These are the happy ones who become teachers of love, healers. When all fears are pinpointed, recognized, addressed, thoughts dissipate. Love remains. 

Love causes only happiness. 

In early childhood, I’ve been taught not to ask for anything, not to desire anything for myself but think about others first. Later on, I’ve been taught not to speak my mind. 

Now, after facing these fears of asking what I really want for myself, and of speaking out my will, I can clearly state: “I want only happiness”. That’s all I’ll ever want and ask for. “I deserve a happy existence. And so do you and anyone who is willing to address their fears.” 

Start right here and now! Share your fears in the comments!

A. Garden, November, 2022. Please share this post with your dear ones.