Love has arrived! You called for it. It has arrived!

Now, I choose that you choose love and life and reality of Now. Let all words fall to meaninglessness, let the word-made world fall to meaninglessness. Let us stand in that which is, now and forever, here. Be here with me! 

Here with me, you and I, in continual love conversation, … perhaps just a golden white beach by a crystalline blue ocean, perhaps just a window to sit by and look at the immense clear expanse. This is a good world. This is beautiful living. 

Love has arrived. You called for it. It has arrived! Be open, be soft, be willing, be gentle, be natural! Lovers tell you, there is no end to this arriving! But words must stop now. They are meaningless here now, where Love reigns. What a joy to know this love will surely arrive for you, and you, and you!