The Miracle, a fundraising campaign for Mental Health Foundation

A fundraising for Mental Health Foundation. Join me for a walk and feel the miracle of stepping into the moment.

What is experience? What are sensations? What is the brain? What are thoughts? 

Jump into the rabbit hole.

How come a little bit of substance modifies experience? That means experience is the play of substances in the brain. Colors, shapes, sounds, emotions, thoughts, all these are nothing but fleeting brain processes that can be so easily modified by a substance. Who is the one longing for more experiences, choosing experiences, differentiating experiences ? Is it not the brain itself? But we are not to remain subjects to brain hallucinations. We know we are real. Alive. This is the only thing we know with absolute certainty. The realness, the aliveness of our being makes possible the fleeting appearance of experience. And its disappearance too. “Oh, no! The disappearance of experience! That’s terrifying!” says the brain. “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” says the same brain every single night. Don’t worry about brain’s fears. I’m walking with you. You won’t vanish. You’ll simply be free of brain’s insanity. Let experience of reality happen naturally.

Come, my friend, let’s step into the eternal moment, the one Reality, where only life and love and all living things reside. Now this is real living for our real being.

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