Practice choosing the moment, poetry and daily reminders books

All suffering takes place in the non-alive realm made by thought, by the first thought called ego (“I am an entity, separated from the rest”). 

From the ego, all other thoughts sprouted and expanded, making the non-real realm of thought (or information). We, you and I, being real alive brotherly (sharing) beings of The infinite sea of clarity, somehow fell asleep, lost awareness, and bought into the delusion of the ego. All suffering is caused by believing that the non-real non-alive thought is real and alive. 

Thought made time. Thought made comparison, duality, grouping, classifications, and all the other concepts, numbers, words, and so on. 

All thoughts require being taught to newcomers into life, and being repeated over and over again until in the brain a strong connection is formed: belief thought is real.

Forgiveness recognizes all thought as non-real and chooses to shift the awareness back to Now. 

Now is the portal to the one only Alive Reality. Now cannot be touched by thought. Remember how good life feels like when we are small children? Explanation: absence of thought. 

But then it comes a point in everyone’s life when the suffering becomes too great to be endured. The light memory of our real infinite shared being returns in a Now moment of awakening. 

But we lose it soon. Then it happens again. And so on. Until we learn to consciously choose it. 

Choosing Now is choosing reality. 

Reading reminders and poems for choosing the moment establishes a good practice for returning the mind to its natural state of well being. There are poetry and daily reminders books made for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them 😊. They make beautiful gifts 🎁 that do not need wrapping nor do they take up space in the house.