Today’s moment, and why I feel mental health is connected with moment’s poetry

Dear friend, 

I give you this moment. My happiness is for you to receive it. Receive it and pass it on! The moment will not diminish, nor will its value ever diminish, anywhere on earth. On the contrary, when you give it away, it remains yours truly, forever! When you give it away, you discover its eternity. When you give it, the eternity of the moment becomes your very life.

I have written countless poems about the goodness of feeling alive, possible only when, either by accident or by conscious attitude, entering the now moment is the unique condition necessary for healing, that is, for regaining the natural state of well-being. The smile of a small child, the colors of the sunset, the sound of the mountain spring, the company of a dear friend, an unexpected message of thanks, a delicate flower in a pot, the smell of fresh bread, … small things that automatically bring us simple, sincere joy. Because these things somehow bring us back to the Now moment.

The moment is not time. The moment is not a thought. The moment is not sensation. I would dare to call it the feeling of the good of being alive. But especially the silence, the stillness make it possible to surprise her. I invite you to invite the moment with joy. I invite you to receive it. Then, in order to kerp it, you must pass it on!

Now you can understand why mental health (which is actually a state of well-being, of happiness) depends on this simple act of being consciously present in the eternal moment. This is why I chose to link the poem of the eternal moment with fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation, which cares for the mental health of many. Thank you in advance for your contribution. 🎗️✨See the link below 🎗️✨🙏🏻