stop seeking ~ Loving Life Essentials

Dear friend, thinker-living being,

Stop seeking real love, real solutions, real joy, true meaning of life in the realm of your made up thoughts. Surely, you’ll get depressed. Nothing there but your made up thoughts. You go there to play pretend “I forget who I am”, hide from and seek my Self, deceive my Self with my ego, and so on.

For real happiness, enjoy the realm of real living light, created beings and noncreated absolute Sea. 

Use the clear mind’s eyes, not the eyes of imagination or thought simulation. 

For real happiness, clear mind by closing eyes, breathing deeply while resting the body. 

For real happiness, see all living beings as creations of light. 

For real happiness, see the infinity of the sky. 

Every human being can do this because every human being is a living being.

For real happiness, take your friend’s hand, heart saying he is but good old living light, eyes saying “I am you”.

A. Garden, January 2023