Theo and Mira, poetry of living essentials

observing the brain activity until it completely subsides

Dear human,

The human brain is an automatic device for projecting installed thoughts / memories. Everything you perceive is the result of that automatic projection. All perception, all problems, all solutions are the result of that automatic activity of the brain. That’s why history repeats. The brain repeats, with slight variations.

Your purpose is to sit quietly and observe the mechanisms of the brain. 

When you observe the whole activity of the brain, you are free because it is obvious you are not trapped into it. 

Observing the brain activity can take place only now, in this present instant. 

Observing the brain activity can take place only in an instant of silence and stillness. 

That’s all it is needed for you to remember: stop and observe. Now. 

The brain cannot project anything real. The brain cannot project real beauty. The brain cannot project a beautiful world. The real world of beauty is that which remains obvious after neutral observation brought to a halt the brain activity of projecting thoughts.

A. Garden, January 2023