human brain’s choice, loving life essentials

Dear human brain,

You have two options:
Continue to spin the same old stories until complete neurological erosion
Get reborn by trudging your way to, then jumping into the nearest pool of living light, your open loving heart (or someone’s open loving heart). Stay and soak well!

I know the stories you spin in the brain seem real. I know that, minute but minute, you are selecting proofs from what you see, what you hear and what you touch. You have decided that your senses are reliable but you need to remember you always select to perceive only that which confirms your story. You overlook all the rest. 

Now, you arrived at the edge of the pool of living light, the open loving heart, yours or someone else’s (your sweetheart’s, your parent’s, your teacher’s, your therapist’s, your good friend’s, your child’s, or even the open heart of a friendly smiling stranger passing by). 

You are in awe. You are dipping your toes in its warm gentle waters. It feels good. 

Remember how good it feels. That’s all you must remember. Remember to come  back here often, every time dipping a little more of yourself, and for a little longer. 

Now, think only of the things you truly love. 

Now, speak only of the things you truly love.

Next, do only the things you truly love. 

A. Garden, January 2023