A community of open hearts

Now, I see a community of open hearted humans. I see this is the closest thing to the heavenly light cities of bright living souls humans can build on earth. Say the truth. 

What do you really want? 

What I truly want Here and Now is soul’s loving gentle presence, its lightheartedness, all embracing, all affirming, kindness, friendliness. 

Soul’s presence is the happiness I longed for. But soul’s presence cannot be found in the imaginary thought processes of the brain(ego) perception. It can only be known by leaving the brain behind and descending into the heart. 

The heart is the portal through which the soul’s permanently positively steady love and light is being accessed. 

Loving life is opening the heart. 

Now, stepping through the open portal, the perceiving brain left behind, the seeing is of soul’s Mind knowing. 

Here, a universe of bright souls, like an immense sea of cities of lights. The human brain, from the doorstep, peaking through the keyhole, stole this vision and wants to build it in the human world. “As above, so below. As within, so without.” But the brain wants to do all this without being reborn first. The same old brain can only repeat the same old patterns, building using concrete and steel and electricity. It cannot create something entirely new. It has no knowing. The reborn brain inherits all its necessary knowing from the soul, bit by bit, step by step, by taking frequent breaks from work, sitting still and entering the soul’s presence. This practice dissolves all remaining patterns of the old brain. As the brain marinates more and more into the light of the soul, the heart opens completely, attracting other open hearts. 

Now, I see a community of open hearted humans. I see this is the closest thing to the heavenly light cities of bright living souls humans can build on earth.

A. Garden, January 2023