This February, may we choose Love

seeing souls

This February, may eight billion humans remember their hearts, the portals towards true love, Soul’s love. 

May eight billion brain neurons find their direct connection with the heart center and work together to keep it open and happy. 

Say “yes” to certainty. Say “loving feels good”. Say “thank you”. 

We love discovering we are souls. We love discovering we are eternal life, peaceful, cheerful, free, real, innocent. We love watching new ones discovering they are magnificent souls. We love sailing and swimming and flying in the crystalline infinite sea and sky of Soul’s Mind, awareness. We love remembering our reality. We love playing the pretend game of forgetting our reality, so that we can be so very joyous when we remember it back again. 

This February, let every situation be an opportunity for saying “I love you” one way or the other. Say “Let’s discover together how much we are loved.”

A. Garden, February 2023