Overcome the world of ideas, the condition for true living

We, human brains, we serve as slaves for our adopted ideas. For millennia we do and are this. We are fiercely protecting our beloved adhered-to ideas (ideals, idols, ideologies) from the light of love which would see them truly, as nothing at all. We exist only by adherence and servitude to ideas. Ideas are served and grown by our beliefs. Feeding beliefs for maintaining ideas requires tremendous efforts and huge amounts of energy (time, money, natural resources). When available energy diminishes, beliefs diminish, ideas perish, and we, human brains (ego, bodymind), Idea’s slaves, we diminish as well. When we diminish, what remains?

What remains is love of the souls we are in reality. Love has no need. It carries on living on its own, free of any limit. You, … yes, you, reader … You know love very well. Don’t deny it! Inspect your heart with candor! Go ahead! Have a little bit of faith and courage! Open your heart and you know you’ll find many loves in there. Be honest! Make friends with your heart! It is the gate to your true identity, your Soul.  

Idea (west): being able to make and have all the things and all the experiences you could possibly desire is the fundamental condition for happy living. 

Idea (east): being able to resist the urge of making and having all the things and all the experiences you desire, instead being able to be satisfied with minimum subsistence is the fundamental condition for happy living. 

Idea (west): being able to adopt or adhere to an idea is the fundamental condition for happy living, hence the necessity of education and freedom of speech, debate, and all the rest of freedoms to conflict.

Idea (east): being kept innocent child-like minded by suppressing the human brain’s inherent desire to learn, to discover the real mechanisms of the world and of the humankind, is the fundamental condition for happy living.

We notice that all ideas of “happy living” are demanding quite different behaviors from their slave brains, but neither one makes any reference to the reality of being, our Soul, the source of Life.

Without our servitude to ideas, we human brains (ego, bodymind) we are nothing at all. That’s what the brain thinks and says. 

Light of love shows that we are souls in continual love creative communication. 

That’s why remembering Love is so important. The Mind is abstract. Only abstract. Concrete and specific is ego’s domain. 

Remembering love will deliver us back to our true reality, creative souls.

You are still not convinced you can live without ideas. Serving ideas, you haven’t lived yet. Perhaps when you were a little child and you had no ideas implanted in your brain just yet … these might be your memories of true living. But you must go into the world (and out), know the human brain and its made up world in order to discover you are a creative soul. Knowing the brain and its world is overcoming it! 

You must overcome it! 

What shall you do now?

Stop! Breathe! Feel yourself from the inside! Observe without judgement your brain activity, thoughts, behaviors, conversations, emotions ! Observe your own brain activity. Feel the aliveness which makes you breathe. Feel the love in your heart. Desire only the light of your soul! 

Your soul is here now, enveloping you in gentle grace. Feel it! 

Your soul is Home!

A. Garden, February 2023

Photo by Mahdi Soheili on Unsplash