Happy 1000 posts, Theo and Mira 🎉 Happy 10 year’s anniversary (coming up soon)

Dear friends, 

We are celebrating our 1000 posts. Thank you for being here and reading and sharing and supporting this blog, Theo and Mira. We are approaching 10 years anniversary (in April). 

I started this blog back in April 2013 from my heart’s overwhelming need for communicating the joy of living. 

If I’d held back, I’d become sick and lonely. When I write, I am my true self, happily alive. So, not really a choice, is it? 

Thanks to WordPress, Internet and computer technology, I was able to communicate with people all over the world. What a joy because I wanted to be everywhere in the world. My heart has journeyed and found gladness everywhere. My heart found love. Real love. Invincible love. Everlasting love. Pure bright love. 

Through words, may this love reach you, dear reader! 

Thank you for receiving the love at hand, at your fingertips, in front of your eyes, inside your own heart. 

This love blesses the world.