Andreea Garden


Andreea Garden is a stay-at-home-mom wanderlust-bound mystic, author of three ebooks, published on Amazon, the short story “Theo and Mira: Loving Life” and “We are Life”, a collection of heart opening poems and songs, and “Hello Life” a daily practice booklet with quieting soothing reminders of being Life. She is website creator, designer and content writer at theoandmira.com. You are invited to follow her Instagram accounts andreea.garden and theoandmira

Andreea Garden grew up in a small quiet town in Romania, immersed into neighborhood children’s games and nature observation. As a teenager, she spent most of her holidays quietly observing the sky, backyard trees, birds, and daydreaming as well. In her early youth, the restorative power of her childhood’s contemplations fascinated her. She wanted to find the secret ingredient of that pure childhood happiness, the possibility to reclaim the childlike innocence. Her writings are day-to-day reflections of this one endeavor. She loves to travel the world lightly as breathing, randomly as inspiration strikes, simply as walking, photographing nature and city in this mundane moment.


I asked for ultimate joy. I asked for only the truth. I asked for real beauty. I asked for real love.

I always wanted absolute certainty and nothing else. I enjoy the everything else without particularly caring for it. Early on, I’ve been told that there isn’t any absolute certainty. But I knew that it must be. I had to find it. That was to be my life’s purpose and adventure. Now that I’ve found it, my life’s joy is to extend it.
One says “how come I didn’t stumble upon ultimate joy in my life’s experience?”And the answer is “you didn’t purposely seek to find it, you have never wanted this and only this”

Real joy can be yours too. You just have to want it. You just have to remember to ask for it. Every day. Every hour. Every second.

Come. Let’s discover together the way to your true happiness. One thing I ask. I ask that you speak the truth. I ask that you advance carefully, step by step paying attention. I ask that you yield to reason. Let’s eradicate ignorance. Let’s free you from your mind.

Here now … breathe, close your eyes. Observe from a distance your body with all its sensations. Observe from a distance all your visual perception. Observe from a distance all your hearing sensations. Observe from a distance all your passing thoughts. Observe from a distance all your feelings or emotions. Observe from a distance all your thoughts of wants and desire. Simply breathe and observe. Any mental commentary that arises, observe that too as thoughts from a distance. Any physical discomfort that arises, observe that too as a sensation from a distance. A little bit of trust is needed to advance in this process of observing from a distance. No, you won’t lose contact with reality. Pretend this is a game of attentively looking at everything from a distance. Judging something as good or bad it is also thoughts. Observe from a distance. Desiring something or avoiding something it its also thoughts. Observe from a distance. Continue to gain distance from everyone and everything simply by observing. Observe how something comes into existence and fades away from existence. Now, feel the absolute goodness of being here now, in this particular experience you are having right now. Next, you will realize the eternal nature of experiencing and being. As a result, the real joy arises.

My name is Daniela Andreea Toma, writing under pen name Andreea Garden. Creator of Theo and Mira book, website, Youtube channel, Instagram account.
I invite you to discover your real joy. (quick tip: It is here now!) It’s your birth-given right after all, as the real being you are.

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