Andreea Garden
Andreea Garden

Honest objective deep clear looking at Life’s phenomena.

Sensing the field beyond phenomena.

Simply telling what observed.

Attempting to describe the undescribable.

What real love is? Mystery of true relationships? What right action is?

Bridging humanity’s shift in consciousness and subsequently in lifestyle, from ego-centered to wholesome joyous sustainable life.

“Life is always at ease with itself, never in conflict. Why would the Stream be in conflict with a boulder when it may simply move around, above and beyond it? Human psyche, playing the boulder, has only two options: go with the Stream, or stay outside Life until self-anihilation. From the point of view of Life, either way is ok. From human psyche point if view, one choice is intelligent, the other is causing great resistance, hence suffering.”


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      1. Wonderful Andreea. There are samples of my music on Youtube and pretty soon there will be much more. It all takes time. Thank you for visiting and I wish you a beautiful peaceful season of love. 🙂

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