Andreea Garden


Andreea Garden is a stay-at-home-mom wanderlust-bound mystic, author of two ebooks, the short story “Theo and Mira: Loving Life” and “We are Life”, a collection of heart opening poems and songs. She is website owner, designer and content writer at theoandmira.com.

Andreea Garden grew up in a small quiet town in Romania, immersed into neighborhood children’s games and nature observation. As a teenager, she spent most of her holidays quietly observing the sky, backyard trees, birds, and daydreaming as well. In her early youth, the restorative power of the memories of her childhood contemplation fascinated her. She wanted to find the secret ingredient of that pure childhood happiness, the possibility to reclaim the childlike innocence. Her writings are day-to-day reflections of this one endeavor. She loves to travel the world lightly as breathing, randomly as inspiration strikes, simply as walking.

How I write

Honest objective deep clear looking at Life’s phenomena.
Sensing the field beyond phenomena.
Simply telling what observed.
Attempting to describe the undescribable.
What real love is? Mystery of true relationships? What right action is?
Bridging humanity’s shift in consciousness and subsequently in lifestyle, from ego-centered to wholesome joyous sustainable life.

Looking at life with honesty, without self deception, through the clear eyes of innocence, we become aware of our true spiritual nature and its inherent joy. Peace of being and play of experience merge in a sweet spot we call human.

A. Garden