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Friend, we’re traveling together. Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that cannot be spoken. I’m like an ant that’s gotten into the granary, ludicrously happy and trying to lug out a grain that is way too big.” ~ Rumi

Andreea Garden is the author of romance & spirituality ebook novel Theo and Mira, Loving Life, published on Amazon.
She is an avid spirituality researcher, with more than twenty years of seeking, studying, practicing, following masters and spiritual teachers. Her goal was to distil and extract the essence of spiritual knowledge and share it in a “user friendly” non-dogmatic format. She created theoandmira.com, a daily updated website to share her insights on happiness, (real) love, heart inspired life style and fun simple necessary spirituality practice. She writes thoughts for psychological detox and upgrade, shares mystical feelings, innovates bioenergy healing and teaches resilient psycho emotional health through simple yet disciplined training.
Other than writing, she listens to old fashioned jazz, learns to draw and paint, watches old movies, and is in love with sailing, architecture, soulful interior design, intuitive eating. She lives with her husband and their two boys in Sibiu, Romania, where she teaches Calm Therapy Creativity.


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“Where does everything come from?

How does it appear?

What science, what art is behind all creation?

What role the human mind and human heart play?

What is the world?

These are the questions that fired my neurons for the past twenty years. I started with psychology and philosophy. I moved on later to New Age spirituality. Next, I dipped my toes in quantum physics and I felt attracted to ancient traditional spirituality teachings. I journeyed through Traditional American Native wisdom, I learned old Buddhism ways, I immersed myself in practicing Orthodox Christian theology, and found utter peace in Zen. I followed new teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks and found them quite complementary.
I studied deeply, practiced and continue to practice A Course of Miracles and ancient Ho’oponopono teachings.
I hopelessly fell in love with Rumi’s poetry.
But I do not belong to any.
I belong to Life.
I write from inspiration, about my own inner experience.
The ever-unfolding story of creation is you.”

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“My life is my art.

Relationships and creativity are my favorite subjects.
I walk in parks, sit on benches, admire nature.

I lose myself in nature. I lose myself in Pinterest too.

I love peaceful yet soulful interior design.

I write short stories of spiritual adventures.

I love people who love Life so much that they dare to let themselves be lived by Life.

I love the utter sophistication of simplicity. I believe in basics.

My philosophy is that we are so much more than what we see.

Why talk about what is obvious? Explore the unseen.

I use my intuition for every little decision I need to make each day. It’s always a choice between authentic and fake, real and illusive, “good” or “bad”. I breathe intuitively. I see intuitively. I move intuitively.
I feel … I sense a different (closer to real) perspective until I fully “see it”.
You are sitting with me, upset or just worried. I don’t pay attention to the details of your story, for your sake. I look at your life with the eyes of a new born child, wondering at the play of colors, singing with the sounds you hear, letting my heart move to the music of your emotions, flying up in the blue clear sky at times, diving in dark caves at times, soaring above green earth, meeting and mixing with another, wishing for more desires to come to life, crying for things that go away.
I take a walk with you. We keep silent this time. I feel the hardness of earth beneath my feet and feel grateful for this very good thing. What would we be without it? I think of the air we circulate from one to another, the water we wash with, the gardens of the world which feed us with exquisite flavors and aromas. I look at you… and see the essence of Life. You are … me, a bit different though, in our ways of experiencing life.
Together, we find many satisfying moments in your daily life. Soon, you discover that true joy is present here, right now, in your life … day by day. I know! You want many things! You try to find a path to make them appear. I tell you: “This is the door! They are already here!”

About My Practice

For twenty years I knew I had to find answers. Answers that would bring happiness to people. To people whom I loved, … like my mother. I painfully wanted to see her happy. That’s has been my reason for coming into the world. Because I wasn’t able to convince her that life is truly beautiful and worth living. I had to watch her die … at forty-four.
I needed logical answers. For others whom I love and are alive like my husband, my sons, my sisters, my father, relatives, my friends.

When I discovered spirituality, I wasn’t happy. I was away from home, married very young and not knowing how to communicate with my husband, not having anyone to go to and ask. I was desperate and depressed. Luckily, I found evening and weekend courses at Calgary Wild Rose College of Natural Healing taught by the best teachers. Spirituality brought back my innate happiness. I was sure this was the answer to all problems. And it was. For me. But I couldn’t share it with anyone without sounding crazy newagey mystic esoteric freak.
Soon, we had a baby. We realized it was impossible to turn to medical professionals for all ailments, because we’ll be kept waiting in triage area for hours with the baby in our arms. I knew I had to learned how to keep my family healthy.
It didn’t matter that I kept my family healthy for thirteen years, almost never needing medical assistance except for a broken arm. It didn’t matter that I found new ways of communicating and connecting which strengthen our home when we thought it might disintegrate. “Results are good only as long as you can explain how you got them” says the world. “Otherwise, it’s just lucky coincidences”.
I tried using the vocabulary of the traditional religions or newer spiritual teachings to communicate how one may get results. While I loved the alternative medicine stories, they didn’t make much sense … from the rational side of the brain.
(I always felt the pull of the two opposite: left, the rational, making, working, business, profit gaining, building, judging “the others” as lazy touchy-feely strange hippies in one word, crazy. On the right side, the artistic, intuitive, mystic, esoteric, newagey, spiritual, healers, open-minded hippies, but also judging “the others” as profit-seeking greedy headstrong business men, in one word, crazy.)
So I gave up for a while. I returned to my own inner world where I wrote poems and short stories. Where I feel happy. I made a new blog (which later had turned into theoandmira.com). But after a while I could still feel the sting of that first desire: (real) Happiness. Easily. Simply. Permanently. For all. I felt pushed forward inside a long dark tunnel.
“Kingdom of heaven is found within” it was said and written.
I guess I just needed to wait until a scientist finds it. Within.
And she did.

Her name is Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She is an american neuroanatomy researcher who received the most unusual “opportunity”: to study the brain from the inside. She had a major left hemisphere stroke. Fortunately, she was aware of it for the first minutes and recovered completely to be able to tell the story. For those who are new to neuroscience, the left hemisphere is the rational, linear, reality segmenting, information categorizing, past and future perspective, gain and control part of the brain. It’s dominant in most men. We call in energy medicine, the masculine principle. The right hemisphere is artistic, musical, fluid, whole, unifying, information merging, present moment perspective, trust and cooperation part of the brain. Dominant in most women. We call it the feminine principle. So, we have the two “worlds”, two very different “planets”: “men are from Mars, and women from Venus”.

Experiencing the right hemisphere. While Dr. Bolte Taylor was a woman, she was dominantly a scientist so her left part of the brain was most active. During the first minutes of her stroke when she was still conscious, she experienced the cessation of left brain activity caused by stroke but most importantly she was able to experience the coming online, the activity of her right side of the brain. What she described it is what all spiritually enlighten people described: Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Shambala. Within.
But the two hemispheres are only connected through a small bridge. “Entering the Kingdom of Heaven is like going through the eye of the needle.”
This is the secret that all good alternative medicine practitioners know: for any healing to occur, patient must gain access to this right side of the brain. But how? The left brain is not going to stop processing information, stop the thinking. It’s like an engine running faster and faster as information increases. Left brain runs on information gathered through the senses.
They tried hallucinogen substances but they just mess up the left brain, making thinking hazy and slow. Now, it only looks like the right side, but in fact it is a somewhat muted lethargic lazy left side.
So now they come up with a myriad of thinking methods, goal setting and visualizing techniques which translate right brain experiences for the left brain to understand. I tried them all. While they excite left’s side appetite for the right, they prove your brain has the power to create your reality, they tell the story of the right to the left, they also keep the information flowing into the left, hence keeping it active. It’s not actual accessing the right side. How we can check that? While experiencing the right side, there are no thoughts, no words, only fluid vivid indescribable “feeling” experiences. We all have had that experiences either when we were kids, happy for no particular reason, or when we fall in love as teenagers, or when we return home to parents or grandma’s cottage after being around the world, or when we do something totally new which requires our entire attention and focus but not thinking (for example learning to play a musical instrument, or learning to paint or dance), or when we take a walk in the woods. That feel good indescribable feeling.
Through many years of practicing various spiritual methods, I discovered that the most efficient healing techniques (like ho’oponopono or the power of presence) do not involve talking and thinking, not even visualizing, not even physically doing anything. It’s all about purposely sitting and being.
And about small steps of practicing. Little by little, only by practice, one becomes small enough to actually fit through that small eye-of-the-needle tunnel, to cross that little fragile bridge. Once crossed, the energy of the right side will take you over. The first time we cross, we experience ecstasy. All is new and pure and vivid. All feels fresh. The diversity, the movement, the … love. Yes, here true love resides. Yes, here all desires find fulfilment. Yes, here is the headquarters of inspiration. Yes, here is the place where true healing happens.
This is my healing practice: guidance for your journey to your right side of the brain where your heal yourself, from within. “Your faith has healed you.”

I invite you to practice crossing over to the right side. Don’t worry. You won’t remain or get lost there. Shortly, Life will pull you back into concrete reality (the left side). Yes, in the beginning you will oscillate between the two and it’s not the best kind of feeling. But with proper guidance, patience and faith in the practice you will oscillate less and less until one day you will sit triumphantly on the rock-solid throne of the ship called You: the bridge. On your right, the heavens; on your left, the earth. Through you, earth becomes like heavens.
Congratulation! You are now fully HUMAN (Divine Man). Real happiness.