Andreea Garden

I love to watch what love can do.
I love to watch what love can do.

I love to watch what Love can do.”

Writer. Spiritual explorer.
Author of short story Theo and Mira about love conquering fear
Creator of website Theo and Mira – Everfresh Aliveness Spirituality

Natural, intuitive, heart inspired life style

“One step to bliss: love (where love means opening up)” 

“Lived some life. Stumbled and fall a million times into the dark depression.
Learned to love life, no matter what.
Love transforms and births anew.
Learned nothing needs to be done.
The world is a but a dream.

It’s all about perception, the way you look at things. Perception is a trainable ability.
If nothing needs to be done doesn’t mean nothing has to be done. Find your joy!
The fun of creating a new game.
The fun of having to think about a
set of rules:
Take it easy
Look beyond (or through) what you see
Use the negative perception to swiftly turn you, launch you the other way
Follow your heart’s bliss (inspiration)
Play your joys
Sense moment’s energy
Just be.”

About Theo and Mira

I distilled and extracted the essence of today’s need: feeling alive and happy to be. The problem of the people of the world is misused thinking and overthinking. The solution is the moment by moment decision to return to loving Life …. And then, the right thinking happens. I teach how to take and implement that decision. Especially, I demonstrate why this is the only solid and sane decision one may take. This solves the problem of confusion and procrastination. It’s that simple. When more people decide to love Life, imagine how the world would be in no time at all.

Clean spirituality is free of unnecessary dogma and obsolete rituals. I cut the lengthy esoteric explanations and jump straight to practice. Practice is fun games and exercises. Heart is made opened with carefully chosen poetry. It’s the wisdom of the child.

Theo and Mira is my favorite game.  My best playmates are people I feel connected in the heart, people whom I know love Life the best of them all. Nothing beats playing with your best friends. The solution we offer is playing rather than more or different kind of thinking.


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      1. Wonderful Andreea. There are samples of my music on Youtube and pretty soon there will be much more. It all takes time. Thank you for visiting and I wish you a beautiful peaceful season of love. 🙂

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