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Friend, we’re traveling together. Throw off your tiredness. Let me show you one tiny spot of the beauty that cannot be spoken. I’m like an ant that’s gotten into the granary, ludicrously happy and trying to lug out a grain that is way too big.” ~ Rumi

Andreea Garden is the author of romance & spirituality ebook novel Theo and Mira, Loving Life, published on Amazon.
She is an avid spirituality researcher, with more than twenty years of seeking, studying, practicing, following masters and spiritual teachers. Her goal was to distil and extract the essence of spiritual knowledge and share it in a “user friendly” non-dogmatic format. She created theoandmira.com, a daily updated website to share her insights on happiness, (real) love, heart inspired life style and fun simple necessary spirituality practice. She writes thoughts for psychological detox and upgrade, shares mystical feelings, innovates bioenergy healing and teaches resilient psycho emotional health through simple yet disciplined spiritual training.
Other than writing, she listens to old fashioned jazz, learns to paint, watches old movies, and is in love with sailing. She lives with her husband and their two boys in Sibiu, Romania, where she runs her practice of alternative medicine.

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“Where does everything come from?

How does it appear?

What science, what art is behind all creation?

What role the human mind and human heart play?

What is the world?

These are the questions that fired my neurons for the past twenty years. I started with psychology and philosophy. I moved on later to New Age spirituality. Next, I dipped my toes in quantum physics and I felt attracted to ancient traditional spirituality teachings. I journeyed through American Native wisdom, I learned old Buddhism ways, I immersed myself in practicing Orthodox Christian theology, and found utter peace in Zen. I followed new teachings of Eckhart Tolle and Abraham Hicks and found them quite complementary.
I studied deeply, practiced and continue to practice A Course of Miracles and ancient Ho’oponopono teachings.
I hopelessly fell in love with Rumi’s poetry.
But I do not belong to any.
I belong to Life.
I write from inspiration, about my own inner experience.
The ever-unfolding story of creation is you.”

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“My life is my art.

Relationships and creativity are my favorite subjects.
I walk in parks, sit on benches, admire nature.

I lose myself in nature. I lose myself in Pinterest too.

I love peaceful yet soulful interior design.

I write short stories of spiritual adventures.

I love people who love Life so much that they dare to let themselves be lived by Life.

I love the utter sophistication of simplicity. I believe in basics.

My philosophy is that we are so much more than what we see.

Why talk about what is obvious? Explore the unseen.

I use my intuition for every little decision I need to make each day. It’s always a choice between authentic and fake, real and illusive, “good” or “bad”. I breathe intuitively. I see intuitively. I move intuitively.
I feel … I sense a different (closer to real) perspective until I fully “see it”.
You are sitting with me, upset or just worried. I don’t pay attention to the details of your story, for your sake. I look at your life with the eyes of a new born child, wondering at the play of colors, singing with the sounds you hear, letting my heart move to the music of your emotions, flying up in the blue clear sky at times, diving in dark caves at times, soaring above green earth, meeting and mixing with another, wishing for more desires to come to life, crying for things that go away.
I take a walk with you. We keep silent this time. I feel the hardness of earth beneath my feet and feel grateful for this very good thing indeed. What would we be without it? I think of the air we circulate from one to another, the water we wash with, the gardens of the world which feed us with exquisite flavors and aromas. I look at you… and see the essence of Life. You are … me, a bit different though, in our ways of experiencing life.
Together, we find many satisfying moments in your daily life. Soon, you discover that true joy is present here, right now, in your life … day by day. I know! You want many things! You try to find a path to make them appear. I tell you: “This is the door! They are already here!”