Hello Life Ebook

“Hello Life”
A soft gentle easy fun playful mind clearing heart opening interaction about nothing serious.
One on one, you and Life.
Natural setting like a park, a village, or gentle hiking.
Nothing moves one swifter with the flow of life than serendipitous conversation. Conversation between you and Life, asking and receiving a response, reaching for the new vision, seeing it with your mind’s eye, touching it with spiritual fingers, long before it becomes manifest material. You are that spot of intersection where conversation may be allowed to unfold. You are that miracle.
“Hello Life” a tiny square pocket book to browse throughout the day.
Developed over the course of twenty years or so of soul and truth seeking, based on little beacons of reframed reinterpreted thinking and practical exercises received daily through automatic writing journaling, each of them applied afterwards in my real life experience of a stay-at-home mom and wife, this clarity reset handbook with reminders and reflective introspections may help you regain daily the optimum balance of loving life experience and loving being alive.
Do you love feeling alive? Do you really truly want to? Are you ready to play?

Open. Anywhere. Read. Breathe. Close your eyes.