Theo and Mira Ebook

Short story about …
It takes courage and trust to stay still and let love work its magic.
Mira is a mystic world wanderer and Theo, a successful artist. She longs for a stable place to call home and for the kind warm company of a true friend. His soul cries for freedom from the mental walls of chronic anxiety. Have you ever wondered how a mystic’s sensorial experiences look and feel like? Staying with Theo at Theo’s house, Mira discovers life’s pleasures of being at home, garden living and gourmet delights. Theo learns from Mira how to find and follow his inner voice that always speaks of loving life. By mysterious ways of love, Life unites two souls, freeing them both of their egos. There are old wounds to heal and habits to conquer.
How will it all unfold for Theo and Mira?

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